James  Fuchs is a multi-faceted and prolific musician who has — by nature’s compulsion — dedicated his life to creating, expressing, and sharing his music. He has written over 100 original songs for his own performances and albums, numerous original compositions for concert and theatrical productions, and is also highly experienced in recording and engineering.

James started his career as guitarist and pianist for rock bands and has worked with Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains on the Metallica tour, Macy Gray, Terry Nunn of Of Berlin, and many others. As concert pianist, he has appeared with symphonic orchestras playing the Mozart Piano Concerto # 20 in D minor and the Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor. One of his original compositions, “Fire and Water,”” was selected to accompany a prominent ballet performance at Cal State Northridge.

Although self-described as “not very religious,” he was moved by his Jewish roots at a time when he needed to be, leading him to be of service through his musical abilities and innate creativity. This led him to roles such as Creative Director at a residential treatment center in Los Angeles and Musical Director for numerous shows and concerts. He has been Music Director for Craig Taubman and has accompanied great artists like Dudu Fisher, and the late Theodore Bikel. James has also accompanied Cantors Alberto Mizrahi, Nathan Lam and the great Herschel Fox.

James credits his influences as his father, Peter Fuchs; Hendrix, Gershwin, and all the classical giants from Miles Davis, John Coltrane to Mozart and Beethoven.

James’ love of classical, jazz and rock/popular music has inspired him to infuse these styles into his own creative work. He is a passionate musician and performer and loves to share and express music. His drive and innate need to not just write but to compose and perform results in a revelation of himself that provokes, compels, and inspires. In short, he ROCKS!

James is currently booked regularly as a Music Director, Pianist/Guitarist, and Solo Artist in the greater Los Angeles area. He has recently released a new CD, called Baker’s Dozen, that can be previewed on the “Music” tab of this website.

 Booking Inquiries via SerpentApple.com or mailto:spookierstill@gmail.com